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Soilstabilization w. Cement

In this soil stabilisation technology the main binding agent is cement, though complementary additive can also be used as needed. Technological variations are SOIL STABILISATION, SOIL CONSOLIDATION and SOIL IMPROVEMENT with cement, which is the most commonly used today. In soil improvement with cement the prime goal is to facilitate site roads for the construction traffic.

Soil Improvement with Cement

On soil improvement jobsites the binding agent quantity and the mixing depth is usually specified with the help of experimental figures. Applying this on trial sections with alterations of quantities and depth, the final technological parameters can then be decided.

In general, optimum search is carried out to reach minimum binding agent content and cutting depth while achieving required mechanical properties.

Soil Stabilisation and Consolidation with Cement

The main difference between the two technologies is that for stabilisation, planning parameter is CBR% (Californian Bearing Ratio) while in case of consolidation the measured parameters are single axis normal strength or pull strength and Young’s modulus.

In case of finely pulverised soils pre-treatment might be necessary with lime to facilitate cement stabilisation.