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Asphalt milling

Wheel ruts, pronounced bumps or other kinds of deformation are potential risks to traffic safety. These road geometry deficiencies can be eliminated very quickly by using milling machines equipped with automated level controlling. This method simply mills off the elevated sections of the road pavement, leaving behind an even and skid-resistant surface that can be used by traffic immediately. On the other hand, surface milling is often carried out with reference to given prerequisites such as existing kerbs, remaining adjacent surfaces or even pretensioned string-line.

Our milling machines are equipped with state-of-the-art computer controlled level controlling systems. We can carry out surface milling jobs to the highest standard and precision. Moreover, our clients benefit from our precise level controlled surface milling technology, as the unnecessary excess asphalt usage is reduced on resurfacing jobs.


Milling with Multiplex Level Control

Multiplex level control is the electronic implementation of the control beam using three height sensors on the machine (front, centre and rear), and a smoothening algorithm. With multiplex level controlling longitudinal waves can be eliminated.